Julia Pal

Speech Arts & Drama online classes


The study of Speech Arts & Drama offers a range of opportunities to develop one’s speaking voice and communication skills. Through public speaking, storytelling and improvisation activities, participants learn to sequence and summarize facts and thoughts in their own words. They explore ways to use their voices effectively and improve their diction, articulation and delivery.

Using the Royal Conservatory of Music: Speech Arts & Drama syllabus as a guide, students develop techniques to interpret and perform various forms of literature expressively, strengthen their ability to speak with ease and clarity and confidently share their ideas and observations. Interested students may prepare for an RCM exam in Speech Arts & Drama at the appropriate grade level using the pieces they work on in class. Activities are designed to help develop each individual’s creative and imaginative voice and make new discoveries about themselves and others.

Age appropriate topics and texts will be provided in collaboration with ideas and interests generated by the student.

For the fall term of 2022 and winter term 2023, private Lessons will be offered online via Zoom.

Image credit: Salvatore Postiglione, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons